Card Clip by Joe Porper


Engraved and autographed card clip to keep your deck crisp and flat.

Card Clip by Joe Porper

The Porper Clip is, hands down, the best card clip there is. Magicians all over the world swear by them. If you’ve been disappointed by other clips, this is definitely going to alleviate that. These will keep your cards crisp and flat while preventing your cards from warping.
These are cut from a solid block of metal, as opposed to a bent sheet, so they retain their shape and spring. It has taken decades of refining and now you have the chance to own the most perfect card clip in existence.


This clip is made of a brassy metal and has a matte black finish on the outside. To make it even more prestigious, we have engraved our Academy of Magical Arts logo to the spine, an owl face on the front, and Joe Porper’s autograph on the inside. Your cards will look classy and stay pristine.

Real magicians on The Magic Cafe love Joe Porper’s clips. Click HERE to see what they’re saying!

Designed to hold one deck of cards. Comes in a small carrying bag.

Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x .25 in

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